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We get it. Running a successful business is hard work. Sometimes a great product opportunity comes along and you need some help to make it happen.

That’s why we’re here.

We're Pixel Tours, a team of thinkers, and designers and developers working with great folks to build mind-blowing digital experiences for their audiences. We provide strategy, UX, design and development services for the web, mobile, and virtual reality.

Over the years, our website grew a bit stale—sorry about that. We finally decided to do something about it (yay!). While things might look a bit sparse, we promise updates over the next little while. If you want to you can look back at our old site.

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We’ve worked with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to leading nonprofit organisations, tackling some spicy problems and making lots of friends along the way. Here are just a few examples while we put some case studies together.

When you’re the world's first all-electronic, barrier-free toll highway, evolving to meet the constantly changing demands of drivers is non-negotiable.

We’ve been working with 407 ETR (that’s Express Toll Route, for the uninitiated) to keep them compliant with best practices from accessibility to mobile friendliness.

We’ve helped drivers better understand their use of the 407 ETR, and made billing a breeze.

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The KITS Collaborator is an iPad app that lets furniture designers and salespeople work with their customers in real-time to create furniture layouts.

Professionals at companies like Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, and National consider KITS a key part of their sales process.

KITS is one of a number of products we’ve made with KiSP—long-time service providers to the $4bn commercial furniture industry.

In partnership with KiSP, we created a platform for architects and designers to share their work with clients, colleagues, and the wider world in Virtual Reality.

Yulio works with the tools, workflow, and communication channels you already use. If you have 3D software, you can create VR. If you have a smartphone, you can consume it. Simple as that.

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