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    Junior UX Designer
    Toronto, On   |   Full-Time

We’re a product strategy, design and development consultancy currently exploring new frontiers, like Virtual Reality and Early Childhood Education. We’re growing our team to better serve our clients, and work on some products of our own. We’re looking for someone with a sharp eye, and an even sharper mind.

A Bit about You

You are first and foremost a designer. A designer who understands the principles of user-centred design and empathizes with the end user. You get the value of personas, design sketching, and rapid prototyping and know when and where to use them.

You like people. You enjoy bringing conceptual designs to real people to learn what works and what doesn’t and are humble enough to go where the evidence takes you but assertive enough to defend for your ideas. You are observant often spotting subtle insides and nuances that others may miss.

You aspire to greatness—maybe for you that’s winning awards, giving a TED talk, or simply the satisfaction of knowing thousands, or millions (we have some large customers), of people had a better day because of something you made.

What You'll Do

  • Get into the head of users through user testing, ethnographic research, and analytics.
  • Craft user personas, user flows, storyboards, wireframes and click-able prototypes to bring your vision to life.
  • Leverage user insight, analytics, best practices, and competitor analysis to inform all design decisions.
  • Continually socialize design concepts, collecting feedback and iterating to achieve amazing results.
  • Collaborate with visual designers, developers, product owners, and marketing to define product experiences and be the advocate for the end user.

We’re going to assume you can use a computer. We’ll be buying you a top of the line machine—Mac or PC, it's all good to us. You’ll get all the latest design/prototyping tools. We’ll also hook you up with Slack, Skype, Toggle and a whole bunch of other tools so you can work from your favourite café from time to time.

Interested in joining us?

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